Third Party Verification

An essential part of any retail energy transaction is ensuring the customer fully understands the terms and conditions of the offer. AGR Group has always stood by the integrity of its sales process, but highly recommends an objective third party verify all sales.

After the sales process is complete, the outbound phone call or field sales agent transfers control to another live operator who takes the customer through a series of tightly scripted questions to clarify the details of the offer. Any insecurity or hesitation on the part of the customer brings the process to a halt and results in a “no sale” designation.

An Integral Part of any outbound telemarketing Campaign

Third Party Verification is not only a great consumer protection, but is required by many jurisdictions to complete the transaction. In the event of a later dispute, the recording of the customer is easily retrieved. As a client of AGR Verifications, you will be able to monitor all TPV activity, instantly download any recording or detailed reports, and benefit from advanced workforce management to keep customer hold times to a minimum.

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