Residential Customer Telemarketing

AGR Group’s success in outbound telemarketing for the energy industry is unequalled.

We are serious about what we do, and our dedication and professionalism is designed for client benefit. First and foremost, we are a sales organization.

Our artful techniques and results-driven, motivational culture means our team members are given the knowledge and support to succeed. We maintain the highest ethics and professionalism, and always put customer and client ahead of any personal goals. Secondly, retail energy is all we do. Our institutional knowledge of deregulation and the supplier function is ingrained in our call centers. Many of our reps outlast individual campaigns, of course, so as they are retrained to work on behalf of the next client, they have the benefit of experience.

Our state-of-the art call centers feature on-screen scripting, requiring our agents to sign in to their individual terminal prior to their shift. Predictive dialers keep wait times to a minimum. We can also fax or email directly from the screens, and run blended campaigns, which allow for simultaneous inbound calling. Any scripting or pricing changes can be pushed immediately and simultaneously to all reps, ensuring 100 percent script compliance.

Our call center representatives are much more than script readers, however. They are sales professionals who have trained specifically on your product, and feel allegiance to your company, brand and logo. In fact, nothing makes us happier than when clients send banners, logo gear, and the like to boost the productivity of their dedicated reps. Our team is an extension of yours.

Our call monitoring process is the tightest in the industry, with a monitor-to-agent ratio of at least 1:8, with additional random and periodic monitoring throughout the day. We listen not only for agent missteps, but also for customer reaction and points of confusion. As your outbound telemarketing campaign develops, that kind of feedback from the monitors can be invaluable. As for out-of-bounds sales rep behavior, we are quick to correct and retrain, or terminate employment when necessary. Again, we understand the stakes.

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