Field Services and Canvassing

While AGR Group’s outbound call centers have built a reputation for quality and effectiveness throughout the energy industry, not every sales campaign can rely on telemarketing alone. Good old-fashioned door-to-door sales can be a perfect complement to any acquisition effort.

AGR Field Services was launched in 2009 to offer energy suppliers a cost-effective way to increase the frequency of their marketing message. In these days of increased cell-phone use and participation in Do Not Call lists, canvassing can help you reach more customers in your target area.

Boost Your Outbound Telemarketing Campaign

Whether AGR dials or knocks on your behalf, we understand that we are representing your brand. We work hard to earn your trust with our sales approach, training, and compliance, and we welcome your participation. Our Field Agents pass thorough background checks, complete rigorous training, and earn the right to represent your brand only after a probationary period.

Our unique hierarchy of on-site managers, follow-up verifications and quality checks ensure constant supervision and provide our clients an extra level of satisfaction with the sales process. Our agents are personable, energized, and trained to provide the highest levels of customer service.

Ultimately, the face-to-face sales process is more personal, and can result in stronger emotional connection between customer and product.

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