Customer Service, Retention and More

Customer Service, Retention and More While AGR Group has earned its reputation as the outbound telemarketing team in the retail energy industry, its array of services does not stop with the sale. From inbound customer service to outbound retention programs, AGR Group can help you continue to maintain the quality relationship built during the original transaction.

Customer Service

Our call centers can easily be configured to handle a primary volume of inbound calls to a team of representatives dedicated to your program. With stand-alone data capture or integrated systems, we can interface with your customers to address enrollment issues, billing concerns, or operational questions. Regardless of your inbound need, we have the resources. To learn more about AGR’s dedicated customer service group, click here.

Win-back and Retention

We know that a good market opportunity often draws multiple competitors, which is why a win-back and retention program is such an important part of the overall customer acquisition strategy in any campaign.

The key to a retention program is establishing good reporting and communication flow between your operations team and ours, so we can respond quickly with an offer that saves a customer for the long term. Just a slight, incremental effort can often salvage the investment and the effort involved in winning that customer in the first place.

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