Commercial Customer Telemarketing


The most difficult part of any sales process can simply be getting in front of the right person – the decision maker.

Our small and mid-size commercial telemarketing representatives are trained in proven techniques to win the confidence of the gatekeeper and make their pitch where it has the best chance of connecting.

The commercial sales process is rarely a one-call close, as the decision maker is reached, partners are consulted or presentations are given to advisory boards. But our dedicated commercial sales reps “own” a prospect from first contact to resolution, which fosters a trust-building relationship that often aids in the sales process. Our state of the art dialers can deliver email sales collateral or fax other relevant documents directly from the screen.

Commercial Customer AcquisitionBusiness owners use electricity and natural gas differently from the residential homeowner, and our specially trained energy sales reps make connections that resonate with prospects. Rest assured, your small business campaign can stand on its own, or run seamlessly alongside your residential outbound telemarketing campaign.

If your business model requires even larger commercial customers, AGR Group recommends you design a custom campaign with Energy Professionals. As a member of the AGR Group of companies, Energy Professionals has developed a highly specialized sales process of utility bill analysis, requests for proposals from competing energy suppliers, and a representation of the customer through the contracting process.

From mom-and-pop shops to large commercial operations and light manufacturing, AGR Group can grow your commercial customer base through state-of-the art energy telemarketing.

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