Energy Telesales Team Recognizes The Best

If it’s Friday at an AGR Group call center, you’ll see people wearing their pride.

Friday is the day that the elite energy telesales representatives and managers break out their sports teams jerseys, specially tailored to represent excellence on the job.

The names on the back are as cryptic as they are unique: Enforcer. Dead Eye. Mr. Incredible. Ice Man. The monikers reflect the character and personality of the individual, but they all mean the same thing: top producer.

“It’s a fun recognition program we have” AGR President Matt Judkin said. “Somebody earns their jersey after a long period of consistent performance. We only recognize the best of the best, and it’s become a real honor – not only to receive it, but also to award it. They’ve earned them through hard work and persistence.”

The winners and their nicknames are picked by executive staff, and recognized in front of the entire energy telesales room. They receive a rousing ovation from their peers, and a polyester-mesh ticket to an exclusive club.

“It’s kind of like an athlete making the Hall of Fame,” said Judkin. “Only a small percentage make it to the top.”