We Finally Have Our Name In Lights!

The headquarters of AGR Group recently moved into a sparkling, new call-center space in Santa Ana, California. And with a nod to George and ‘Weezie, it sure feels like we’re “movin’ on up.”

This is the fourth location in California which AGR has called home. It all started in 2002 with about 1,500 square feet and equipment that we rescued from the neighbor’s scrap heap. Along the way, there were lots of memorable moments that were major headaches at the time, but have since faded to nostalgia. The air conditioning never worked right, there was never enough parking, and the landlord wasn’t always our biggest fan. The new space, however, feels like home, and exactly the right place to continue to provide the kind of service our clients have come to expect.

The California office is just one of three call centers for AGR Group, of course, with Las Vegas opening year to join our largest operation in Clearwater, FL, which is also the home of Energy Professionals.

Click on the video to hear Chief Operating Officer Adolfo Quintero talk about the new space.