AGR Launches New Sites

Welcome to our web site, and a new era in the online presence AGR Group. We’ve come a long way since 2002, when 15 or 20 of us sat at folding tables and started hand-dialing outbound calls. Now we’re the largest marketing company in the country dedicated solely to the energy business. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, and felt it was about time to illustrate that growth through a refresh of our web sites.

Our new site features expanded management team profiles, easy-to-navigate details on the variety of services we offer, and a new video that we hope conveys the passion and camaraderie that makes AGR not only a special place to work for our employees, but a unique partner to our energy suppliers.

Matt Judkin

“It’s easy for me to say, but I believe that AGR is a special place,” said Matt Judkin, President and CEO. “When visitors come and walk the floor, they really do get a sense of the teamwork and energy that makes this place run. We wanted to try to convey that in a video as a centerpiece of our new website, so our clients and future partners could really get a sense of what makes us different. And I think that really comes through.”While is the mother ship, it’s far from the only online home for the Group. Our dedicated commercial group, The Energy Professionals ( got a facelift, as well. And stay tuned for more as we continue to boost the level and frequency of communications with employees, clients and the energy industry as a whole.”We’re excited about the future,” Judkin said. “And we want our communications and web sites to reflect that fresh enthusiasm.”