Time is Running Out to Reach Your Sales Goals

Leaves are changing colors, the kids are back in school, and we’re all starting to say, “Where did 2018 go?”

Time is running out on your annual sales goals. Are you going to hit your targets? If you could use an extra push, our Opt-In program may be just the ticket.

Reaching residential customers through traditional outbound telemarketing has become more difficult in recent years. The Do Not Call list is growing, the penalties for compliance violation are increasing, and many people are simply giving up their landlines.

All of that makes reaching potential customers more of a challenge for marketers. Customer cancellations, or “churn,” has also become a problem for the “regular” leads, in that those residents are continually exposed to the next best offer.

What if there was a way to get around the DNC list and reach receptive prospects ready to sign up and stick with you long-term? AGR Group knows how.

Our Opt-in program generates a web-based lead whereby the consumer proactively chooses to be contacted regarding your product. With that consent you are able to dial a residence on the DNC list, or even a cell phone, which is forbidden without express consent.

Other companies may operate a similar version of this program, but our Opt-ins are fully complaint with the DNC and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

In order to continue your organic growth in the residential market, you need to adapt to the times. Our Opt-in program provides a creative way to speak with those once-unreachable customers. It’s a warm lead, easier to close, and since they’re less likely to be contacted by somebody else, it’s usually the start of a long-term customer relationship.

Call today to find out more on how Opt-ins work and how it can greatly benefit the growth of your business.