Customers Embrace Home Warranty Services

AGR Group has been talking to customers about their home energy needs since 2002, acquiring hundreds of thousands of customer for some of the biggest suppliers in North America.

In recent years, a key client or two asked if we might try to help grow the home services component of their business. It didn’t seem like such a stretch, since we were already engaging the customers in a similar conversation. Our representatives discovered that it was a natural fit, actually, and customers were often interested in a home warranty offering.

Many of us encounter home warranties when buying our first home. It’s often an add-on from the real estate agent that we don’t fully understand. When that warranty expires, as critical home systems are left unprotected, many customers have questions about the features and benefits of the warranty product.

When our representatives take the time to explain a home warranty product, often in the broader context of energy and home protection, customers are often willing to take advantage of the offer.

AGR Group is successfully acquiring new, stand-alone HVAC customers, selling add-on services and plans to current customers and renewals, and winning back old customers. We can also mix our Opt-in program to target specific homeowners who are proactively inquiring about HVAC. Plus, our PCI compliant call centers can execute financial transactions over the phone.

AGR Group continues to expand its capabilities and core services to better serve our clients needs. Call today to find out how our home services programs can boost your customer count.