Home Warranty Sales

Since 2002, AGR Group has provided unparalleled service to the largest retail energy providers in the nation.

Our trusted partners rely on us to drive their organic customer growth, confident in our ability to deliver high quality sales across multiple customer segments and market territories.

We deliver. Our clients win.

The elements that have made AGR Group so successful in retail energy are universal in the sales process. Simply put, we reach and engage customers in offering quality products and services on behalf of our clients. Our sales culture is second to none, and our representatives keep a competitive edge that drives exceptional results.

Home warranty service has been a part of our offering since 2010. It’s a natural extension of the service on which we’ve built our reputation. The protection-based attributes of home warranty plans mirror many of the energy products for which we routinely train, so our team is comfortable from the start of a campaign.

We can help you hit your targets.

AGR Group, Inc. is the premier customer acquisition team in the energy space. We understand the customer’s concerns around stable prices, price protection and peace of mind. The Home Warranty fits easily alongside our current product line, and we are ready to start delivering your sales targets.

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