Colombia Call Center Recreates AGR Group Magic

AGR Group has built its reputation around experienced, hands-on management and a family atmosphere for its dedicated staff. It’s the “secret sauce” that keeps our stateside call centers humming along in service to our clients.

We’re now proud to say that we’ve successfully exported our dynamic work culture to our near-shore operation in Barranquilla, Colombia.

AGR Group opened the center just under one year ago, and it’s already a key strategic performer for our clients. Baranquilla native and call center veteran Bony Rodriguez joined the team as General Manager of Outbound Services, and she has the team hitting their targets while maintaining high morale.

“Opening a near-shore center is something AGR Group has discussed for years,” said Matt Judkin, CEO and President of Executive Energy Management. “Everyone in our industry is aware of the economic pressures on domestic call centers, and the opportunities that near-shore can provide.”

AGR Group management went through an exhaustive search of potential near-shore sites before finally settling on Colombia. Baranquilla has a tradition of call center operations, given its educated workforce and relatively neutral accent. The center was built out to specifications in a bustling Baranquilla business district.

Given the team spirit and statistical performance at AGR Colombia, our near-shore clients are in good hands.