Energy Telesales Center Recognizes Month’s Best

There’s nothing we like better than recognizing our employees. They are the heart of AGR Group, and their job is not an easy one. Their dedication and drive to succeed helps us serve our existing clients and push forward into new areas of business growth, so it’s rewarding to pause for a moment and say ‘thanks for a job well done.’

AGR California recently recognized a couple of top performers, and we’d like to pass on the accolades.


Our Quality Control department balances the sales effort, and its job is to monitor calls to ensure the representatives stay on script and on task. Our monitoring ratios and qualitative feedback procedures are among the most robust in the industry, and our sales agents and quality teams work seamlessly together.

This month’s top monitor is Nadia Faraj, who joined the AGR Group team a little over a year ago. As most employees do, Nadia started on the phones as a front-line representative before quickly moving into the monitor role

Nadia is known for her great work ethic and her ability to produce quality work under pressure. When asked what she did to win top honors in her department, she pointed to her competitive spirit.

“I take a lot of pride in my work and I always make sure that I stay focused,” she said. “I like a challenge and I’m competitive, and I try to always maintain a positive attitude.”

Another winner, on the other side of the monitoring office glass, is Top Manager Brittany Little.

“I like to refer to her as “The Hammer’,” AGR California Executive Director Joe Nunziata said, “She goes in there and cleans house and gets everyone to produce at their highest level!”


Brittany Little is a manager on our afternoon crew, and has been a part of the AGR Group team for over six years. She was promoted to the manager position two months ago, and in that short time she’s been recognized three times as a manager of the week, and now manager of the month.

Colleagues say it’s no surprise that Brittany is gathering an armload of awards, as she provides great leadership and is able to adapt to any situation. Brittany enjoys the teaching side of her manager’s role, and tries to convey to her team the techniques that made her a successful energy telemarketing representative.

“Brittany has contributed a lot to this team and always is doing what is asked of her,” Night Manager Cesar Valencia says. “She has shown a great improvement and I’m glad to have her on my team.”

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