AGR Group Depends on Team Effort

The energy telesales success of AGR Group is the definition of collective effort.

Our unparalleled reputation among the largest energy suppliers in North America has been built on our ability to hit campaign targets while maintaining exceptional sales quality. Our executives recognize market opportunities, our business development people build relationships with clients, and our floor personnel execute with confidence and skill.

But none of it would happen without expert support functions in several critical areas ranging from IT to Human Resources.

At AGR Florida, one essential contributor (who’s especially popular on pay day) is Payroll Manager Sara Shangle.

Sara came to AGR Group in April 2008 as part of our Manager in Training program, and excelled in operating sales campaigns and training new employees. She earned the confidence of VP of Call Center Operations Steve Upham as somebody who could get things done, and along the way he asked her to pitch in with a payroll project.

Sara never looked back, and she now carries the responsibility of making sure everyone is compensated for his or her efforts. Her duties include collecting and calculating all pertinent data, communicating company policies, maintaining confidentiality and resolving disputes.

Sara says her best days are Tuesdays because it’s all math (which she loves) and she’s given the freedom to make the educated decisions required to get the job done accurately and in a timely fashion. Her least favorite is Wednesday because that’s her deadline!

Thanks for all of your efforts, Sara!

AGR Group provides the finest sales and customer support services in the retail energy industry. If you are a competitive energy supplier looking to grow your customer base through energy telemarketing, door-to-door energy sales or lead generation, contact us for a consultation.