AGR Florida Pitches Energy Telesales Careers

At AGR Group, there’s always a “Now Hiring” sign in the window.

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Energy telemarketing isn’t for everybody. And while the rewards are many and the team camaraderie is unmatched, it’s not an easy job. Not only that, we’re the best at what we do (if we say so ourselves), and our services are in high demand from energy retailers across North America. Our client list and campaign schedule is continually expanding, which means we work hard to find hard workers.

So AGR Florida decided to try a proactive approach, taking a booth at the recent WorkNet Pinellas Career Fair in Clearwater. The event was held at Bright House Networks Field, spring training home of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Our contingent was led by Director of Human Resources Anita Lewis, who was accompanied by Mike Simpson from the training department and executive assistant Stephanie Cramer.

The event was a wild success, according to organizers, drawing 500 people in a line that wrapped around the stadium. The AGR Group team met dozens of qualified and interested candidates, and arranged for follow-up interviews and training sessions.

“It was a great day,” Stephanie reported. “I was proud to represent the company, and it was exciting to talk with interested candidates about what we do and the tremendous growth the company is experiencing. I’m sure we’ll do it again.”

The Team
The Team
AGR Group is the largest sales and services organization dedicated to the energy industry. Aside from the Florida call center, we have operations in Orange County, Calif., and Las Vegas. We also have Field Services, a door-to-door energy sales company, and Energy Professionals, our commercial consulting team, both with offices around the country.

AGR Group offers unparalleled opportunity for advancement, and is filled with managers and executives who started in entry-level positions.

“Our company has a fantastic growth story to tell,” AGR Group President Matt Judkin said. “But it’s also filled with individual stories of people who stared at the ground level and now make significant contributions in positions of leadership. We’re always on the lookout for talented, dedicated people.”

AGR Group provides the finest sales and customer support services in the retail energy industry. If you are a competitive energy supplier looking to grow your customer base through energy telemarketing, door-to-door energy sales or lead generation, contact us for a consultation.