Combine Lower Consumption with Fixed Rate For Electric Savings

We recently came across some fascinating statistics from the US Energy Information Administration that illustrate how Americans consume electricity in the home.

Surprisingly (to us, at least), space cooling is far and away the largest end-use of electricity resources, at 22.4%. That was followed by lighting, a distant second at 14.2 %. Perhaps it’s not the category that is so surprising, but the margin by which it leads the field.

Keeping inside temperatures bearable during a summer heat wave is one thing, but please consider whether or not you are cooling spaces unnecessarily. A programmable thermostat, which can automatically bump up the temperature a few degrees when you’re out of the house during the day, and drop it back down to a comfortable level before you return, can go a long way toward reducing your consumption.

Locking in a fixed rate for the electricity you do use can help, also. Local utilities often raise their rates in response to increased demand (like those summer heat waves), so make sure you are protected from price spikes by considering your options from competitive energy suppliers.

AGR Group is a leader in energy telesales, representing our retail energy clients offering price protection and peace of mind to residents in energy deregulated states.

“The combination of price protection and reduced consumption really is the key to lower bills,” AGR Group President Matt Judkin said. “Choosing an alternate energy supplier can have a definite positive impact on the household budget.”