Employee Recognition Drives Energy Telemarketing Success For AGR Nevada

Employee recognition is a cornerstone of AGR Group’s success. Taking the time to convey genuine gratitude boosts employee engagement, drives campaign results for our clients, and has helped build our reputation as the finest energy telemarketer in the business.

Plus, it’s a fun thing to do.

At AGR Nevada, we recently took a short break to recognize the top energy telesales representatives for one of our residential campaigns. Each month we hand out the hardware and a small cash bonus to the top three highest performers. Our appreciative client often shows up to share in the celebration and provide the reps a luncheon spread.

This month’s top winner was Amy Fields, followed by Ermelyn Oco and Las Vegas veteran Deanna Ramsey (pictured) in third place. All three are consistently in the top 20 percent of energy telesales reps on their particular campaign.

“The good-natured competition really adds to the positive spirit on the sales floor,” said Executive Director Jose Rubio, who handed out the trophies in a high-energy ceremony. “I’m not sure what they enjoy
most – the trophies, the cash or the bragging rights.”

Rubio has presided over dramatic growth at AGR’s desert call center. As a transplant from the California heaquarters, he opened for business in July 2010 with one campaign and five employees. The staff today totals more than 200, with a management team of 20, serving eight clients in ever-expanding office space. They already have their eye on the empty suite one floor below.

“The growth of AGR Nevada is a great story,” AGR Group President Matt Judkin said. “Jose and the team have worked very hard to achieve their success, and it’s very gratifying to see how far they’ve come in such a short time.”