Energy Telesales Manager Earns Unique Recognition

Recognizing superior employee performance is a big part of the AGR Group culture, and we feel it’s one of the drivers of our success. After all, we’ve been serving the retail energy industry with outbound telemarketing, door-to-door sales and lead generation for more than a decade, so we feel pretty confident in our approach.

In our corporate headquarters energy telesales center in Santa Ana, Calif., we have weekly recognitions of The Tops (Top Representative, Top Manager, Top Recruiter, Top Trainer, etc.) It’s too many awards to list here, so those weekly kudos will have to stay internal, for the most part.

But when a precedent is set, well, that bears a little extra cheering.

Josue Abad
Meet Josue Abad, named Manager of the Week from one of the toughest campaigns on the AGR Group sales floor. Josue leads an energy telesales team dialing into in a state that was one of the first to embrace energy choice, more than 10 years ago. Selling into territories where most customers are already comfortable with their energy suppliers can be a real challenge. In fact, there has never been an AGR Group Manager of the Week from this particular campaign.

On top of that, his team accounted for 43% percent of the sales. As one of three teams on the program, that’s a group doing more than their share.

“It’s exciting to be the number one manager,” Josue said. “It inspires me to do even better next week, and in many more weeks to come.”

“Our energy telesales representatives work very hard,” AGR Group President Matt Judkin said. “It’s a difficult job, and positive attitude is such a key to success. Much of the motivation on the sales floor comes directly from our managers. They are an essential link in the chain, so we’re proud to be able to recognize their efforts.”