Record Heat Drives Need For Energy Solutions

The headlines are troubling and the statistics are grim: the heat is on.

The National Climactic Data Center recently reported that July was the hottest month ever in the US (since record keeping began in 1895), with an average temperature of 77.6 degrees, registering 3.3 degrees warmer than the 20th century average.

July also ended the hottest 12-month period ever recorded (Aug. ’11 – July ’12), which just barely edged out the record set just last month (July ’11 – June ’12).

Increased temperatures and lack of rainfall has also created a ravaging drought, as about 57% of the contiguous US was experiencing the worst drought since 1956.

As the temperature rises, Americans are using more electricity to power their air conditioners and other appliances. When demand goes up, so do prices. And while climate change can feel like an overwhelming challenge, there are some steps we all can take to conserve resources and protect our checkbooks.

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