Sales Skills Provide Competitive Edge

When AGR Group launched its efforts in the deregulated energy industry in 2002, we made a visionary commitment to ourselves: our representatives would not be just “telemarketers,” but energy experts and professional sales consultants. After more than five million residential and customer sales, we can say it’s an approach that has served us well.

We don’t ask our clients to always be the low-price leader. All we need is a good product at a competitive price, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re not afraid of the heavy lift, whether that’s pitching a price that’s premium to the utility or embracing small commercial campaigns from which our competition generally shies away.

Calling on small commercial isn’t an easy task, primarily because it’s usually not a “first call close.” Getting in touch with a decision maker takes perseverance, and selling your product takes professionalism and skill. Mere “telemarketers” will have limited success. At AGR Group, our motto has always been “If we can’t sell it, nobody can.” It was true when we started, and it still drives our business approach today.

Let’s talk today about how our energy professionals can get your product in front of the right target customer: the decision maker.

Colombia Call Center Recreates AGR Group Magic

AGR Group has built its reputation around experienced, hands-on management and a family atmosphere for its dedicated staff. It’s the “secret sauce” that keeps our stateside call centers humming along in service to our clients.

We’re now proud to say that we’ve successfully exported our dynamic work culture to our near-shore operation in Barranquilla, Colombia.

AGR Group opened the center just under one year ago, and it’s already a key strategic performer for our clients. Baranquilla native and call center veteran Bony Rodriguez joined the team as General Manager of Outbound Services, and she has the team hitting their targets while maintaining high morale.

“Opening a near-shore center is something AGR Group has discussed for years,” said Matt Judkin, CEO and President of Executive Energy Management. “Everyone in our industry is aware of the economic pressures on domestic call centers, and the opportunities that near-shore can provide.”

AGR Group management went through an exhaustive search of potential near-shore sites before finally settling on Colombia. Baranquilla has a tradition of call center operations, given its educated workforce and relatively neutral accent. The center was built out to specifications in a bustling Baranquilla business district.

Given the team spirit and statistical performance at AGR Colombia, our near-shore clients are in good hands.

Make it a Great Year with AGR Group’s Diverse Resources

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! The first thing we all do after flipping the calendar is to think about where we are and where we want to go. We make resolutions and set goals, in our personal lives and our work.

Most larger organizations are already clear on their sales targets for the year, but the “how” in that achievement has to remain fluid. Markets can rise, making a product uncompetitive. Budgets get cut. Vendors lose their mojo.

Do you have your sales teams and channels lined up, and are you confident those are the partnerships that will take you where you need to get?

AGR Group is your key to continued growth of your customer base. We’ve been through it all since 2002, proving ourselves as a trusted customer acquisition parter for some of the largest energy suppliers in North America.

At AGR Group, we have a variety of custom solutions for organic customer growth. We have cutting edge residential campaigns strategies like our Opt-in program, which “reaches the unreachable” customers on the Do Not Call list and generates direct inbound sales.

Our veteran agents also offer the best in small commercial campaigns, as there’s nobody better in getting past the gatekeeper and talking strategically with the business decision maker.

And to complement our call centers in Las Vegas, and Largo, Fla., we now have a cost-effective, near-shore solution in Barranquilla, Colombia. We’ve got 225 seats and a newly-renovated, state-of-the-art space where we can hit your numbers and turn your campaign economics around.

Make this year your best ever by partnering with the best in the business.
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‘Reach the Unreachable’ with Our Opt-In Program

Reaching residential customers through traditional outbound telemarketing has become more difficult in recent years. The Do Not Call list is growing, the penalties for compliance violation are increasing, and many people are simply giving up their landlines.

All of that makes reaching potential customers more of a challenge for marketers. Customer cancellations, or “churn,” has also become a problem for the “regular” leads, in that those residents are continually exposed to the next best offer.



What if there was a way to get around the DNC list and reach receptive prospects ready to sign up and stick with you long-term? AGR Group knows how.

Our Opt-in program generates a web-based lead whereby the consumer proactively chooses to be contacted regarding your product. With that consent you are able to dial a residence on the DNC list, or even a cell phone, which is forbidden without express consent.

Other companies may operate a similar version of this program, but our Opt-ins are fully complaint with the DNC and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

In order to continue your organic growth in the residential market, you need to adapt to the times. Our Opt-in program provides a creative way to speak with those once-unreachable customers. It’s a warm lead, easier to close, and since they’re less likely to be contacted by somebody else, it’s usually the start of a long-term customer relationship.

Call today to find out more on how Opt-ins work and how it can greatly benefit the growth of your business.

Combined Call Centers Create Energy Explosion

AGR Group has completed the expansion of its Las Vegas call center, which nearly doubles the outbound capacity now under one roof.

Production in the new combined call center is off the charts!
Production in the new combined call center is off the charts!
The move corresponds with a downsizing of the company’s Santa Ana, Calif., operation, allowing for greater efficiencies and consolidation of technical resources. AGR Group’s largest call center is located in Clearwater, Fla.

“Operating two centers rather than three allows us to focus our management efforts and be more responsive to our clients,” AGR Group Chief Operations Officer Adolfo Quintero said. “We’re preparing to launch into new areas of our business, and this was a very tactical move.”

But it was not a decision made lightly. AGR Group began in a small office in Orange County, Calif., in 2002, and has maintained corporate headquarters there ever since. While a smaller, tactical sales team and support staff will remain in Santa Ana, dozens of key personnel have relocated to Nevada.

The shift was also precipitated by the stringent business climate in California. Increased regulation, coupled with the inherent personnel turnover of the telesales industry, made it increasingly difficult to operate the business sustainably.

“We have great memories of our beginnings in this business, but we’ve always been an organization that looks forward,” AGR Group President Matt Judkin said. “We believe this reorganization is the right move for the long-term benefit of our employees and our clients.”

Adding the key personnel from California into the existing team in Las Vegas was a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Production statistics went through the roof, and there’s a renewed enthusiasm on the sales floor.

“I have been in Nevada for three months now,” said Aracely Calderon, Director of Sales. “The merge from the California office has ignited something so powerful that right now we can’t be stopped. The stats show that.”

AGR Group provides the finest sales and customer support services in the retail energy industry. If you are a competitive energy supplier looking to grow your customer base through energy telemarketing, door-to-door energy sales or lead generation, contact us for a consultation.

Energy Telesales Center Recognizes Month’s Best

There’s nothing we like better than recognizing our employees. They are the heart of AGR Group, and their job is not an easy one. Their dedication and drive to succeed helps us serve our existing clients and push forward into new areas of business growth, so it’s rewarding to pause for a moment and say ‘thanks for a job well done.’

AGR California recently recognized a couple of top performers, and we’d like to pass on the accolades.


Our Quality Control department balances the sales effort, and its job is to monitor calls to ensure the representatives stay on script and on task. Our monitoring ratios and qualitative feedback procedures are among the most robust in the industry, and our sales agents and quality teams work seamlessly together.

This month’s top monitor is Nadia Faraj, who joined the AGR Group team a little over a year ago. As most employees do, Nadia started on the phones as a front-line representative before quickly moving into the monitor role

Nadia is known for her great work ethic and her ability to produce quality work under pressure. When asked what she did to win top honors in her department, she pointed to her competitive spirit.

“I take a lot of pride in my work and I always make sure that I stay focused,” she said. “I like a challenge and I’m competitive, and I try to always maintain a positive attitude.”

Another winner, on the other side of the monitoring office glass, is Top Manager Brittany Little.

“I like to refer to her as “The Hammer’,” AGR California Executive Director Joe Nunziata said, “She goes in there and cleans house and gets everyone to produce at their highest level!”


Brittany Little is a manager on our afternoon crew, and has been a part of the AGR Group team for over six years. She was promoted to the manager position two months ago, and in that short time she’s been recognized three times as a manager of the week, and now manager of the month.

Colleagues say it’s no surprise that Brittany is gathering an armload of awards, as she provides great leadership and is able to adapt to any situation. Brittany enjoys the teaching side of her manager’s role, and tries to convey to her team the techniques that made her a successful energy telemarketing representative.

“Brittany has contributed a lot to this team and always is doing what is asked of her,” Night Manager Cesar Valencia says. “She has shown a great improvement and I’m glad to have her on my team.”

AGR Group provides the finest sales and customer service functions in the retail energy industry. If you are a competitive energy supplier looking to grow your customer base through energy telemarketing, door-to-door energy sales or lead generation, contact us for a consultation.

AGR Group Depends on Team Effort

The energy telesales success of AGR Group is the definition of collective effort.

Our unparalleled reputation among the largest energy suppliers in North America has been built on our ability to hit campaign targets while maintaining exceptional sales quality. Our executives recognize market opportunities, our business development people build relationships with clients, and our floor personnel execute with confidence and skill.

But none of it would happen without expert support functions in several critical areas ranging from IT to Human Resources.

At AGR Florida, one essential contributor (who’s especially popular on pay day) is Payroll Manager Sara Shangle.

Sara came to AGR Group in April 2008 as part of our Manager in Training program, and excelled in operating sales campaigns and training new employees. She earned the confidence of VP of Call Center Operations Steve Upham as somebody who could get things done, and along the way he asked her to pitch in with a payroll project.

Sara never looked back, and she now carries the responsibility of making sure everyone is compensated for his or her efforts. Her duties include collecting and calculating all pertinent data, communicating company policies, maintaining confidentiality and resolving disputes.

Sara says her best days are Tuesdays because it’s all math (which she loves) and she’s given the freedom to make the educated decisions required to get the job done accurately and in a timely fashion. Her least favorite is Wednesday because that’s her deadline!

Thanks for all of your efforts, Sara!

AGR Group provides the finest sales and customer support services in the retail energy industry. If you are a competitive energy supplier looking to grow your customer base through energy telemarketing, door-to-door energy sales or lead generation, contact us for a consultation.

AGR Florida Pitches Energy Telesales Careers

At AGR Group, there’s always a “Now Hiring” sign in the window.

Download our brouchure
Download our brochure
Energy telemarketing isn’t for everybody. And while the rewards are many and the team camaraderie is unmatched, it’s not an easy job. Not only that, we’re the best at what we do (if we say so ourselves), and our services are in high demand from energy retailers across North America. Our client list and campaign schedule is continually expanding, which means we work hard to find hard workers.

So AGR Florida decided to try a proactive approach, taking a booth at the recent WorkNet Pinellas Career Fair in Clearwater. The event was held at Bright House Networks Field, spring training home of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Our contingent was led by Director of Human Resources Anita Lewis, who was accompanied by Mike Simpson from the training department and executive assistant Stephanie Cramer.

The event was a wild success, according to organizers, drawing 500 people in a line that wrapped around the stadium. The AGR Group team met dozens of qualified and interested candidates, and arranged for follow-up interviews and training sessions.

“It was a great day,” Stephanie reported. “I was proud to represent the company, and it was exciting to talk with interested candidates about what we do and the tremendous growth the company is experiencing. I’m sure we’ll do it again.”

The Team
The Team
AGR Group is the largest sales and services organization dedicated to the energy industry. Aside from the Florida call center, we have operations in Orange County, Calif., and Las Vegas. We also have Field Services, a door-to-door energy sales company, and Energy Professionals, our commercial consulting team, both with offices around the country.

AGR Group offers unparalleled opportunity for advancement, and is filled with managers and executives who started in entry-level positions.

“Our company has a fantastic growth story to tell,” AGR Group President Matt Judkin said. “But it’s also filled with individual stories of people who stared at the ground level and now make significant contributions in positions of leadership. We’re always on the lookout for talented, dedicated people.”

AGR Group provides the finest sales and customer support services in the retail energy industry. If you are a competitive energy supplier looking to grow your customer base through energy telemarketing, door-to-door energy sales or lead generation, contact us for a consultation.

Energy Telesales Results Continue To Impress

Every month we share our energy telesales results with our clients and prospects in a simple little communication we call the e-news.

checkmarkIt’s just a quick note to highlight the successes of our outbound telemarketing sales teams in Florida, Nevada and California. But we pack a lot of wallop into a few short sentences. In February, our call centers combined to enroll 21,846 residential and 6,584 small-medium commercial accounts in energy choice programs across the U.S. and Canada.

These numbers are very significant for a number of reasons. First of all, we love it when we can win for our clients. Secondly, our statistics continue to show growth over time (which is always a good thing). And lastly, but perhaps most important to our energy sales force, The Game is well underway. That’s the year-long race for bragging rights, awarded every fall at the employee party in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for a standings update.

AGR Group provides the finest sales and customer support services in the retail energy industry. If you are a competitive energy supplier looking to grow your customer base through energy telemarketing, door-to-door energy sales or lead generation, contact us for a consultation.

AGR Florida Honors Months Best Energy Telesales Pros

AGR Florida recently announced its honorees for January Employee of the Month:

The Quality Control Department congratulates Kevin Gibson for a job well done! He’s been with AGR for about six months and has showed amazing job performance. His positive attitude and attention to detail make him a valuable member of the Florida team. “Always try to improve yourself,” he said. “Even if you’re the Top Dog, there’s always room for improvement.

The Sales Department would like to give an honorable mention to a high-energy, always motivating Manager of the Month Krystall Graham. She’s been at AGR Group since 2008, and is an eight-year telemarketing veteran. She’s a great people person and always stays positive. In the month of January, she hit her sales-per-hour goal three or four times per week.

We’d also like to thank Kami Sargent for all her hard work and dedication to the AGR Group family. She has been with us since 2010 and has consistently been a top sales person on any program she’s worked, commercial or residential. She loves her job, and says she’s a people person who enjoys helping customers make educated decisions about their energy supply.

“We congratulate all of our employees recognized with top monthly honors,” AGR Group President Matt Judkin said. “Energy telemarketing is not an easy job, and our people are the best at what they do.”

AGR Group provides the finest sales and customer support services in the retail energy industry. If you are a competitive energy supplier looking to grow your customer base through energy telemarketing, door-to-door energy sales or lead generation, contact us for a consultation.