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Executive Team

Matt Judkin

President/CEO and Co-Founder

Matt’s unfailing energy is the fuel for AGR Group, as his enthusiasm, personal approach, and business acumen continues to drive the company to unprecedented heights. He continues to walk the sales floor on a daily basis, offering counsel and encouragement to his team, which appreciates his hands-on style.

Matt has a long resume of sales and management success. Prior to founding AGR in 2002, he was SVP of Sales and Marketing for Mueller Worldwide, a full service sales and marketing organization serving Fortune 500 clients. He has also excelled as a fundraiser for international non-profits of his choosing, and socio-economic issues remain close to his heart.

Matt offers a unique blend of industry knowledge, dynamic energy, and professional salesmanship which has won the respect and admiration of both clients and employees.

Adolfo Quintero

Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder

As AGR Group continues to build speed and momentum, Adolfo keeps both hands on the wheel. A proper foundation must be in place to support rapid growth in any industry, especially one as people-intensive as the direct marketing business, and Adolfo’s team ensures solid footing. His group oversees all technical and infrastructure needs of AGR’s multiple facilities, including dialers and work stations, data redundancy and building maintenance. Adolfo also handles all employee recruitment, training and motivation, which is the true success story of AGR.

Prior to founding AGR, Adolfo had a long and successful working relationship as Operations Manager with both Mueller Worldwide and with LDS, a telecommunications company.

AGR Steveupham

Steve Upham

Vice President Call Center Operations

Steve has over 16 years of call center experience, and while he’s been hands-on with AGR’s East Coast operation since 2003, his influence extends across all call center operations. As a seasoned veteran, he’s able to monitor and guide all aspects of his operation, from technical aspects to team training and sales techniques. He’s a great relationship builder, as well, and his cool efficiency keeps AGR Group’s clients at ease.

Steve also keeps employee production running at peak efficiency. His frequent sales-floor challenges contributes to a positive work environment and drives the sales reps’ competitive spirit.

Kelly Dobbin

EVP Business Development

Kelly holds the post of Executive Vice President, Business Development where she is responsible for the Business Development of all AGR Group companies, as well as marketing and public relations. Kelly joined AGR Group in early 2012 after a long and active career in the automotive collision industry where she sat on many industry boards. Her background includes growing a small business for 20 years from inception to a multi-million dollar company.

Isabel Fleming

Director, Business Development

Isabel brings over 10 years of experience to the Business Development Team, with key contributions in the areas of public relations, international operations, and profit-and-loss responsibility. Isabel’s role as a Director of Business Development will include the job of establishing new client relationships in AGR Group’s leading growth areas.

Isabel enjoys various outdoor sports, and is a world traveler, having visited London, Quito, Brazil, and Curacao, just to name a few.

Laura Zepeda

Director of Corporate Affairs

As Director of Corporate Affairs for AGR Group, Laura is the primary liaison for all external relationships including regulatory compliance, political interface and media/public relations inquiries.

She comes to this critical post with an extensive background in employment contract issues, and works closely with the AGR Group Human Resources team in establishing and enforcing workplace policies.

Laura is well versed in the requirements of the telesales business, having previously held the Director of Corporate Affairs position at LDS, Inc., a telecommunications company.

Dean Gyorgy

Marketing Services

Dean spent eight years in marketing and sales for retail energy suppliers before branching out into creative services. He combines his energy-industry expertise with a background in journalism and media productions to provide written content, photography and video services to the AGR family of companies.


AGR Florida

Jason Zitner

General Manager

Jason Zitner comes to AGR Group with more than 15 years as a corporate sales and customer service director, with experience in planning, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of systems, infrastructure, and staffing required to accomplish company projects and objectives.

Jason credits his interpersonal skills in making open communication and personal accountability the trademarks of his leadership style.

Shea Green

Director of Operations

In her eight years at AGR Florida, Shea has served as inbound receptionist, energy telesales representative, and quality assurance monitor. That depth of experience in the ‘AGR way’ is invaluable for the post of Director of Operations, as she oversees order processing and the quality assurance functions, ensuring smooth flows of data between the sales floor and client.

She’s a Michigan native, and worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant before joining AGR Group.

Rodna Reich

Director of Sales

Rodna has more than 16 years of call center experience, and has been an anchor at AGR Florida since 2008. She’s held a variety of leadership roles, including Customer Service Supervisor, Sales Training Manager and Verification Supervisor. Rodna has made her greatest impact in her current role, however, running the commercial sales floor and coaching her team to record-setting sales performances. She was named AGR Florida MVP in 2014 for her outstanding effort.

Bob Trask

Director of Sales and Administration

Bob has been working with AGR Group since 2003, when he moved to Florida from his native Massachusetts. He began his professional career as a special education teacher, but has now spent more than a decade in the energy business.

Bob drives sales production with his vast knowledge of the energy industry, as well as his motivating personality. He is a key factor in the success of AGR Group, and is passionate about renewable energy technologies.


AGR Nevada

Mike Mason

General Manager

Mike is a longtime corporate executive, having spent more than 20 years managing and consulting franchises across the world. He’s excels an organizational troubleshooter, and has traveled the globe carrying out corporate inspections and handling licensing and operational situations.

Mike also has significant telesales experience, having spent five years working in a call center as a top sales representative and manager, generating over $5 million in sales for the company.

Joe Reynolds

Director of Sales

Joe enters his eighth year at AGR Group having held nearly post beneath his current one. He began on the phones at AGR Florida in 2005 and quickly graduated to row manager, night shift manager and then Director of Sales. He moved west to boost the sales efforts at AGR Las Vegas, and is a key contributor to the success of the team’s newest call center.

Jose Rubio

Director of Administration and Sales

Jose started on the phones for AGR in 2002, and has continued to rise through the ranks with increased levels of production and productivity. Nicknamed “the Sarge” for his strict adherence to quality control standards, Jose brings a long history of sales and motivational success to his current post.

Aracely Calderon

Director of Personnel and Sales

Aracely oversees the entire sales team, including Directors, Managers, and Sales. She has been with AGR since 2006 when she started as a verification agent, and quickly showed her ability to produce and manage. She’s nicknamed “Enforcer,” due to her continued goal of not only meeting but exceeding sales targets.

Leilani Kauhane

Quality Control Manager

Leilani joined AGR Group in December 2009 and spent two years directing the monitoring function in Santa Ana. As Quality Control Manager, she also holds responsibility for training, corrections and some HR functions.


Account Management

Javier Ponce

Director of Account Management

Javier joined AGR Group in 2005 and quickly demonstrated his competence and knowledge of the energy Industry, including all aspects of telesales, direct mail and door-to-door marketing.

In his current role, he manages the day-to-day interaction between AGR Group and our clients, including scripting, marketing material, and order processing functions. He works closely with clients to address and rapidly resolve any issues, always with a high level of care and concern for what the client needs and wants.

Krista Roe

Senior Account Manager

Krista is the liaison between the company and our clients for all program details, including reporting, scripting, and order processing.

Krista joined AGR Group from college in 2005. After an impressive production record as a commercial sales agent, she worked as Director of Corrections in our Quality Control Division. She became an account manager in 2006.

Krista’s complete understanding of AGR’s internal processes makes her a valuable contact point for our clients.

Milly Borja

Account Manager

Milly rejoins AGR Group in the key role of account manager, providing the primary liaison between the company and its clients in making sure that all program concerns are handled quickly and thoroughly by internal resources.

She has nearly a decade of experience in call-center based businessess, including 2005 to 2009 with AGR Group where she held a variety of leadership and support roles. Most recently, Milly served a third party verifcation company with responsibilities in business development, personnel, and communications positions.

Jaime Salgado

Account Manager

Jamie has called AGR California home since 2006, holding a wide variety of sales and quality assurance roles. As Director of Quality Control, he managed 17 people across five divisions. He also served as Account Management Liaison, where he manned the client service line at AGR California.

His sales and quality experience provide valuable insights for clients into the operational capabilities of AGR Group.