About Us

Still Focused on the Mission

What started in 2002 as an outbound telemarketing operation with a dozen employees on card tables using hand-dialed phones has grown into the most prolific customer acquisition team in the industry. We pride ourselves on our time-tested expertise, our technical innovation, and our old-fashioned work ethic.

After more than five million customer relationships secured, AGR Group still relies on what made us successful in the first place: delivering quality customers to our clients at a reasonable cost.


Matt Judkin

President/CEO and Co-Founder

Matt’s unfailing energy is the fuel for AGR Group, as his enthusiasm, personal approach, and business acumen continues to drive the company to unprecedented heights.

Matt has a long resume of sales and management success. Prior to founding AGR in 2002, he was SVP of Sales and Marketing for Mueller Worldwide, a full service sales and marketing organization serving Fortune 500 clients. He has also excelled as a fundraiser for international non-profits of his choosing, and socio-economic issues remain close to his heart.

Matt offers a unique blend of industry knowledge, dynamic energy, and professional salesmanship which has won the respect and admiration of both clients and employees.

Adolfo Quintero, CFM and CoFounder

Adolfo Quintero

Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder

Adolfo’s team oversees all technical and infrastructure needs of AGR Group’s multiple facilities, including dialers and work stations, data redundancy and building maintenance. Adolfo also handles all employee recruitment, training and motivation, which is the true success story of AGR.

Prior to founding AGR, Adolfo had a long and successful working relationship as Operations Manager with both Mueller Worldwide and with LDS, a telecommunications company.

Management Team

Aracely Calderon

General Manager, Outbound Services

Aracely is a veteran of AGR Group, having joined the California team as a verification agent in 2006. She quickly showed her ability to produce and manage teams of salespeople, and progressed through a series of roles with increasing responsibility. Aracely moved to the Nevada office in 2015 and gave the operation a boost of morale and sales production that ultimately led to her promotion to General Manager position.

Bony Rodriquez

General Manager, Inbound Services

Bony is based in EEM’s new near-shore call center, located in Barranquilla, Columbia, and oversees all inbound customer contacts for the EEM brands. She has a degree in Management and Sports Administration and has been working in the call center industry since 2011, gaining valuable experience in operations, customer service, sales, tech support, budget management and in building strategic relationships with US clients.

Joe Reynolds

Director of Sales, Nevada

Joe enters his eighth year at AGR Group having held nearly post beneath his current one. He began on the phones at AGR Florida in 2005 and quickly graduated to row manager, night shift manager and then Director of Sales. He moved west to boost the sales efforts at AGR Las Vegas, and is a key contributor to the success of the team’s newest call center.

Jose Rubio

Night Manager, Nevada

Jose started on the phones for AGR in 2002, and has continued to rise through the ranks with increased levels of production and productivity. Nicknamed “the Sarge” for his strict adherence to quality control standards, Jose brings a long history of sales and motivational success to his current post.

Kevin Long

Commercial Manager, Nevada

Kevin joined AGR Group in 2011 and after initial success as a front-line representative was quickly promoted to Manager. Within his first year he served as Senior Manager for nights and weekends.

Moving back to day shift, he served as Residential Director for several years, posting solid results. He was promoted to Director of Sales in 2016 and helped AGR Nevada deliver a record-setting year and an internal company “championship.”