Over 5,463,000
Residential & Commerical Customers Gained

Over 5,463,000 Residential & Commerical Customers Gained

Dedicated exclusively to the energy industry, we partner with our clients to deliver organic sales targets for electricity and natural gas products, home warranties, and solar installations.


Now Here Comes Solar

There’s no doubt the energy industry is changing and, like we have since the beginning, we’re out in front.

AGR Group has been ‘cracking the code’ on a sales effort that could be a difference maker for the industry and the planet: the outbound telesales of rooftop solar systems.

The secret is our energy-only approach, which we’ve maintained since we got started in the industry. Our people are energy experts, and the representatives we’ve assigned to this program are among our best. We know that solar and renewable energies are the wave of the future, and we want to be ‘hanging ten’ on the crest.

Executive Energy ManagementLEARN THE AGR STORY

.Learn the history and discover the passion that makes AGR Group the energy industry leader in outbound telesales, home warranties, and solar installation sales.

As energy deregulation started inching across the competitive landscape in the early 2000s, the founders of AGR Group applied their fierce entrepreneurial spirit to a waiting opportunity.

Large corporate energy suppliers could now serve customers at the retail level, opening billions of dollars in potential new revenue. The suppliers certainly knew how to procure and deliver the electricity and natural gas, but having the initial conversation and convincing the end user of this new idea was generally out of their comfort zone.

AGR Group began a modest telemarketing operation in 2002, and quickly became experts in deregulation and the consumer mindset toward it. They decided early on that the path to success was through industry specialization. AGR Group was determined to become more than mere script-reading telemarketers. They set their sites on genuine expertise and thought leadership in an evolving industry. Over the next decade or so, AGR Group became the go-to acquisition team for some of the largest energy suppliers in North America, earning trust and establishing an unparalleled reputation for quality sales at reasonable cost.

In 2015, strategic oversight of the AGR Group brand was folded into the founders’ broader initiative, Executive Energy Management. Offering clients key support services for every stage of the customer lifecycle – from lead generation to sales, verification, inbound care and utility data interface – EEM stands alone as a business process outsourcer for the energy industry. EEM’s mission is to make our clients’ goals our own, and to exceed expectations at every turn.